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Build script writer

This is the most frequent user of SBuild. For example, he is a C/C++ developer who writes some new C/C++ code and then needs to add that code to the product. This is the core users that dictated most of the features of the SBuild tool. As a quick proof, given the task mentioned above, a new C/C++ file for an existing build, the needed changes in the build description of the product is most of the time zero (nothing, no change). He just need to rerun a build.

Of course, in this part we go beyond that trivial usage and make the assumption that the task is to write some new build targets and new build scripts.

  • The anatomy of a build script
  • Writing targets: extending the current build
  • Writing runners: giving information on how to smoke test the build
  • Variants: implementing custom build flavors
  • Using prebuilt code (a.k.a.  SBuild C/C++ externals of type "sdk")
  • Advanced C/C++ features (renaming builds, C/C++ concatenation)

FAQ C/C++ build script writer


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