Added features over raw SCons

SBuild exists because the raw SCons was not enough for some of our needs. Some originated in our previous build system, some are new. The whole set makes SBuild a higher level build tool than SCons.

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Running build scripts

This a presentation of the basic features by taking a tour of the (long) usage message as displayed by any build script. This is what the average user sees and uses.

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Sbuild Eclipse plug-in

A tool is rarely complete without any GUI at all. This Eclipse plug-in is the GUI of SBuild. It is develepd in Java, of course. It fully restores confort for those users a bit nervous in front of the shell command line.

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SBuild also knows how to generate Visual Studio 6 dsp files and Visual Studio 2005 vcproj files. That works but only for basic functionality. It is extremely challenging to surface any large set of features through that GUI. The show-off feature of this integration is allowing to edit and debug with with Visual Studio 2005 while compiling with older Microsoft compilers or with MinGW or with Cygwin.


Advanced features

SBuild also provides some features rarely seen in the landscape of build tools. Most of them are located in the C/C++ toolkit.

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SBuild aims high, may be a bit too ambitious. Still, the SBuild plus SCons make together a impressive tool for its users, inside Nuance. SBuild and SCons tandem is able to sustain head high the comparison with any modern commercial or open source build tool.



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